BHP Billiton Intends to Sell Nickel West Mine In Effort To Focus on Copper Production

BHP Billiton (BHP) intends to sell its Nickel West mine in Western Australia in the future as the company pivots to the production of copper used to make batteries for electric vehicles, according to a report from The Times.

Nickel West was stranded as an orphan asset after it was not included in BHP’s spin-off of South32. And although the company will continue to invest in the mine it will “never be a particularly large part of our portfolio…ultimately it’s a sell but it’s a sell for value,” said BHP CFO Peter Beaven.

Speaking after BHP’s annual results were released last week, Beaven insisted that despite not producing key battery materials like zinc, cobalt or lithium, BHP was in a good position to capture the benefit. “We’re very well placed. The biggest scale impact for any commodity is copper and we’ve got to have scale stuff,” Beaven was quoted as saying to The Times.

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